Hare Krsna Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna Hare Hare! Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare !! Please tune in AIR FM Rainbow(102.6 Mhz) to listen Divine program "Samarpan" (5.45 am to 6 am) and "Arpan" (6 am to 6.15 am)by Premdhara Mata ji on every Saturday | Sunday Visit http://preachings.divinehappiness.co.in to download the live recordings of the radio Programme.Always glorify God and enjoy Divy Anand
Maa Premdhara Preachings
In this advanced scenario of metro life, words of her are path showing towards God. Her preaching is very soothing and divine with full of positive energy. It has the essence of divinity which goes deep to listener’s heart. And her fan following is increasing. Her spiritual radio show on Meow has changed lot many listener’s lives and they all have started believing in God. In the history of radio spiritual shows her spiritual program on meow has set a unique trend and listeners started
recording her programs on mobiles even somany people from Europe/U.S.A started listening to the show through Skype, they haveconfirmed that her words have changed their life.She has a fantastic voice by grace of God, which adds flavor in her preaching. Her pronunciation of Shlokas are ever heart touching. The way she explains the meaning of a shloka blending with general human life and the day to day activities is an enchanting way to understand. Apart from all these she is a very simple, loving, spiritual personality.

Preachings of Maa Premdhara (Total Downloads: 11600)

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